Passion for exclusivity and a flair for the extraordinary

Whether small or large - be it a Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini or Ferrari, all sporty vehicles leave a lasting impression. The unique sound of power and speed, the design perfected down to the last detail, modern technology and an interior with high-quality materials promise extraordinary driving pleasure and inspire us again and again, from day to day.

Are you looking for a very special car that you have been dreaming of for years or as an investment? We probably have it in our portfolio. If not, we will find it and can draw on a worldwide network to do so. You want to sell your car successfully? We will find the perfect buyer. If you wish, we offer you the complete service, from the first wishes to the settlement.

You have a wish.
We have the car and the performance.

Vehicle Purchase

We offer you the complete service, from the market-oriented assessment of the sale value to the registration of the car after the sale.

Vehicle Brokerage

We will be happy to advise you and assist you in finding your dream car or other selected model. Your wish is our mission.

Vehicle Customization

Car wrapping, suspension, rims or exhaust systems. Have your sports car customized according to your wishes, together with our partners.

Financial Services

tvd motors GmbH is your competent, reliable partner for leasing and vehicle financing. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Current vehicles in our portfolio


For us, driving a high-performance sports car is adventure, freedom and wellness all at once. The sound of a high-revving engine, the smell of leather, the shape of the diffuser or exclusive rims inspire us every day.


Vehicles with character are our passion and it is precisely this love of the automobile that we have made our profession. Sharing this passion with you is our daily drive.


Precision and perfection make all the difference when it comes to vehicles. We bring not only a trained sense of quality, but also in-depth expertise in sporty and exclusive automobiles.